Bitcoin and Blockchain at ARIS Financial Literacy Day

We were a team of two who prepared and presented pro bono classes about Bitcoin and Blockchain. We spoke at The Al Rayan International School which held its second annual Financial Literacy day, yesterday.

A great thank you goes to Mark for creating and presenting the slides. He made yesterday possible.

We hope that this type of education catches on in schools, not only in Ghana, but around the world.

Berkshire Hathaway Showing Bitcoin the Way?

Have you ever googled Berkshire Hathaway stock price? Here, I’ll show it to you:

Last time I checked it was $100,000 around 10yrs ago or so, still mind blowing.

Curious how? Buffet never made a stock split on his company stocks. You can sort of extrapolate this example to Bitcoin’s fixed supply and halvings protocols, and see where Bitcoin could be heading.