What we do

BBB Labs is a free community of individuals who share an interest for the mass adoption of Bitcoin worldwide. It was founded as a MeetUp group in 2016 by Bitcoiners who have been in the market years prior. Established in Beirut as a means for all Lebanese Bitcoiners to connect, its mission quickly became to contribute towards Bitcoin awareness, knowledge, best practices, and lobbying.

We also currently serve to foster an environment that connects global contacts and local resources, while promoting innovation, creativity, and new ideas in the regional as well as global bitcoinsphere. Moreover, Bitcoin provides us many creative financial solutions to the economic challenges currently facing Lebanon.

Similar to Red Bull, Bitcoin gives your money wings. It grants 100% global money transfer freedom and control for everyone, at fractions of the cost and speed currently offered by banks, all while using the first, most secure, and most widely distributed and used digital asset.

Any funds remaining at the bank are continuing to rapidly depreciate with every new lira printed daily, and now a new CBDC scheme to rob more of our money is being released by our CB. For your own sake you should opt out now from this crumbling three century old fiat scheme! Adopt Bitcoin for the ultimate seperation of money from the state!

Contact us now to sell your check at the market rate and deposit your funds into your wallet to free your money. Bitcoin is the best form of stored energy, better than gold, real-estate, or any security or debt, it is simply the safest and best. Join us and instead opt-in to a new, fairer, and safer monetary system for everyone around the world.