BBB Labs now crowdfunding:
intel eASICs

Mining Management Phase is to manage for each citizen in the country to collect the latest technology BTC miners powered by next-generation power production technologies.

For each ₿0.1 you provide in support you will have the latest technology of Bitcoin miner reserved in your name generating BTC through breakthrough power technology, all income from your miner goes directly into your wallet, running by end of year 2022.

We highly recommend you to be in on this so we all benefit from economies of scale

Our targets are:

  • $10m-$15m in BTC for the latest Intel miners
  • $10m-$15m in BTC for most efficient renewable power resources
  • Target date to set up and run is end of year 2022

Each ₿0.1 = 1 miner, paying 100% directly into your wallet

Click here 👆 for the 16 page pdf details.

Please contact us for more details